Message from the C E O

Contributing to the welfare of the people is what I generally have passion for, I see welfarism in every thing I do, by God’s grace I have held various leadership positions at different times of my life and as such that made me even more sensitive to people’s welfare, I derive a lot of pleasure in being a solution to people’s problems.

I was first faced with the challenge of helping to discover and earnest the potentials in women when I became the Acting president of O A U Ile-ife, this gave birth to the Organisation for youths and women affairs OYWA founded on the 18th of January 2001.

In this capacity I was able to organise series of youth and women programmes for the community, also with the help of God I was able to affect so many lives. I later proceeded to the wider society as a graduate and I became more actively involved with peace-oriented projects involving the Nigerian women via NATIONAL WOMEN PEACE GROUP (NAWOPEG).

Due to the success recorded with this project I was then invited by the U S government to represent Nigeria at an international conference. This afforded me the great exposure that initiated a modification of objectives and a change of name from OYWA to Lightup Foundation.

Immediately I returned from the U S with this new vision, I became more focused. The option to pick the name Lightup was drawn from a gleams of what it cost a lighted candle to light other candles, in the first place it will loose nothing in quality or value to light up others and the room eventually becomes well illuminated, on this note I saw lightup as the best option I had.
In lighting up our generation, with this vision there shall be different activities of lightup which majorly will be the National orientation for volunteer action (NOVA) being the citizen’s light up activities, the Lightup Youth Project and the existing National Women Peace group (NAWOPEG) will come up as the women light up event.

Light up is committed to a progressive society via promoting a culture of volunteerism and social service.

On this note I hereby wish to appeal to all to Please dedicate their lifes to others, it will not be a sacrifice, it will be an exhilarating experience because it is an intense effort applied towards a meaningful end, indeed volunteerism is immensely rewarding.

Behind each and every money we donate, for every volunteer hour spent, there are the caring hands and hearts of our LIGHTUP family.

Passionately nothing could give me more joy.


Chief Executive Officer “LIGHTUP”



Every day across the united state, countless number of people from all walks of life as individuals or in groups - spend hours in service to others.

With the help of the American government, I was given the opportunity to represent Nigeria being the only West African country selected to participate at a conference meeting, which brought various representatives from different parts of the world together to talk about CITIZENS PARTICIPATION IN A DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. With this great exposure I was able to discover one of the secrets of America’s success.

I discovered Americans were very patriotic people ready to do any thing to sustain their nation, they had this culture imbibed in them from cradle and as such they grew up giving all they can afford to sustain their nation, I saw people volunteering for the course of the nation, right from the Airport I was picked up by a volunteer to the venue of the conference in Washington,I met volunteers every where I went to.

The most striking opportunity I had was when I was posted to Bozeman Montana in the company of four other representatives from different countries to monitor the U S primary election, immediately after this experience, we embarked on a journey to THE FOOD BANK, where I saw high level of volunteerism in display, the food bank is a place where food is being distributed to the less privileged, like that was not striking enough, nearly every one i.e. 97% of the workers I met at the food bank were volunteers, ranging from eight years old children to about seventy years old adult, I found out that they were actively involved in the work and at the same time enjoying their selves, most answers they had to my questions all boils down to the fact that they saw volunteerism as a win - win exercise.

We enjoy giving life to others that are less privileged and they also enjoy the service we render to them. We are happy doing this.

People volunteered their money, companies volunteered their food, services etc. Just to make others happy. On this note I decided to import this idea on my return back to Africa, I had a meeting with representatives of the US government who wanted to know my intention on my return back home, I pledged my commitment to creating awareness on volunteerism and starting a food bank to show case the activities and effect of volunteerism.

This is the bases of my commitment to the less priviledged, though not easy but some day we shall be there, since we can think it then we can actualize it, we have all it takes, am sure with your support we will make a difference. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions