SAVE UKRAINE ORPHANS: Urgent Humanitarian Appeal

A critical situation is unfolding in Ukraine, as numerous orphans are in desperate need of immediate humanitarian support. Dispersed across bomb shelters and hospitals throughout the country, these vulnerable children require urgent assistance during this crucial period. In response to their cries for help, Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE and the Lightup Foundation have launched a campaign to address this pressing humanitarian crisis.

Tears and pity alone will not suffice; action is needed to alleviate the suffering of these orphaned children. Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE and the Lightup Foundation recognise the urgency of the situation and are calling on individuals and communities to respond compassionately by donating to support the Save Ukraine Orphans campaign.

The funds raised will go directly towards providing essential humanitarian aid, including shelter, food, medical supplies, and psychological support for the affected children. The campaign aims to reach a wide audience and invites everyone to join in spreading the message and forwarding this appeal to their contacts.

To contribute to the Save Ukraine Orphans campaign and learn more about the pressing needs of these vulnerable children, please visit 

Your generous donations will make a meaningful difference in their lives and bring them hope in this challenging time.

Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE, the Lightup Foundation, and the team involved in this campaign extend their heartfelt gratitude to all individuals, organisations, and communities who support this cause and help bring relief and support to Ukraine's orphans.

Humanitarian Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE.  Solidarity Tour to Poland

Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE is undertaking an important solidarity tour across European countries that border Ukraine, and her current stop is Poland, where she is actively engaged with Nigerian refugees. In recognition of the dire circumstances faced by these displaced individuals, Olasubomi Iginla Aina expresses her appreciation for the commendable efforts of the Nigerian High Commission and NIDO, Poland, led by Dr Tade, in providing crucial support and assistance to the Nigerian refugees. Moreover, she extends her gratitude to the dedicated team from the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) for their unwavering commitment to helping those in need. Through her presence and advocacy, Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE aims to raise awareness about the plight of the refugees and foster greater collaboration and assistance from the international community.

The solidarity tour embarked upon by Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE serves as a vital platform to address the challenges faced by Nigerian refugees in European countries neighbouring Ukraine, and her presence in Poland highlights the ongoing support being provided to these vulnerable individuals. By acknowledging the commendable efforts of the Nigerian High Commission and NIDO Poland, led by Dr Tade, she underscores the importance of diplomatic and community initiatives in facilitating relief and assistance for the refugees. Additionally, she expresses her appreciation to the dedicated team from the Redeem Christian Church (RCCG) for their invaluable contributions towards the well-being and welfare of the Nigerian refugees. Through her advocacy and engagement, Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE endeavours to foster greater collaboration and international solidarity in addressing the pressing humanitarian needs of the Nigerian refugees in Europe. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions